How to Choose a Form of Art to Study


If you are interested in art, but do not know where to begin, then you can use this short guide to help you make your decision. There are hundreds of specialized fields of art and many different broad categories of art. We will look at the various forms of art, what they involve, how to get started, and other tips to allow you choose a form of art to study.

The Difference Between Fine Art and Applied Art

art-handFirst, let us divide the majority of art into two broad categories. In general, most art forms can be defined as either fine art or applied art. Fine art is art that is created for its beauty or for its creativity. This is art that is created for the sake of art.

Fine art includes painting, drawing, sculptures, and has grown to include screen printing, and possibly photography depending on how you look at it. Applied art refers to art that is created to serve a function. This will include architecture, furniture design, fashion design, interior design, and other art forms that are heavily based on a design function.

Your first step in deciding what art form to study is to choose between applied art and fine art. If you are highly mathematical or enjoy working with designs, then applied art may be right for you. For those that enjoy letting their creative energy take them in any direction possible, look into fine art.

Start Practicing

1318725089-78a4e_paint-brush.jpg-scaledOnce you choose between applied art and fine art, start practicing. This may seem impulsive to start practicing without fully deciding what art form you like best, but this will help you learn where your natural abilities are at. If you have considered applied art, then start by purchasing some graph paper, pencils, and rulers and practice creating various designs.

This can include furniture, fashion, architecture, or any other form of applied art. For fine art, try your hand at a variety of mediums. Give drawing a try first, as it requires the least amount of materials. In fact, you can start doodling with some scrap paper and a pencil. Also give painting and sculpting a try.

It may also help to take a few classes. Look online for art classes near you or check with local arts and crafts stores. Many craft stores offer a variety of classes throughout the year and cover a wide range of art forms.

The purpose of practicing on your own before making a decision is to get a better idea for the form of art that you get the most enjoyment from. That is why you should try multiple art forms and give each style a try.

Get Opinions From Others

Once you have practiced several different art forms, you may have a better understanding of which one you want to persue. At this point, you should begin seeking the opinion of others. If you take some art classes, your teachers should be able to provide further insight and criticisms. You should value the opinion you get from others and listen to what they have to say.

It could take some time to come up with a final decision. Take your time and explore various art forms as well as different mediums within an art form. If you make your final choice and wish to seek further training then perhaps you could enroll at a university or a local community college. As with any skill, you will require lots of practice. Try to practice at least a little bit each day. As a final thought on choosing an art form to study, the main thing to remember is to have fun. If you do not enjoy what you are doing then try another art form. If you want further ideas or comments about art, feel free to send us a message or leave a comment.